Wendy Bellermann, Artist

Painting, Photography/Digital Imaging
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Wildlife, Representational
Wendy Bellermann, Artist
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Come see how cave painters made their pigments! Live demonstrations of how stone is turned to pigment and used for paintings.

Working out of her studio at Manufacturers Village in East Orange, Wendy Bellermann works with paints that she creates herself. She collects, grinds and prepares minerals and clays, then binds them to create either watercolors or oil paints, similarly to the artists of the stone age 30,000 years ago. Her paintings focus on animals that would have been alive at the time of the cave painters at Lascaux and Chauvet, but she gives them her own flair. She has studied at the Parsons School of Design and the Summit Visual Arts Center, but has developed her stone pigment art on her own.
She also uses acrylic paints when capturing the spirit of more modern animals such as chickens and cows, and has also been known to paint musicians in high contrast Black and White, because she is always listening to music in her studio and sometimes the music calls her to create a portrait.