Virginia Canino

Drawing, Painting
Showing Art Both Days
Portraiture, Wildlife

My art reflects my philosophy as an animal rights activist and cat rescue. My love of the realm of Faerie and Fantasy inspires my subject matter as well and creates a bridge between the Animal Kingdom and the world of Sword and Sorcery.
Recently, I was struck by an article published locally, in which the Health Officer referred to community cats as “an invasive species” and it hit a nerve. As a strong supporter of Trap Neuter Return, a method of allowing unsocialized cats to live outdoors with shelter and food provided by a caretaker, after spaying or neutering and vaccinating, I found the main theme of my recent works, We Are Not The Invasive Species.
The paintings and drawings are a celebration of the sentient beings that surround us, many often wrongfully maligned.
The Studio will feature fellow artist Val Damon, and live music by Ambiance.