Val Damon

Jewelry, Wearable art
Showing Art Both Days

I am a visual artist that started exhibiting wearable art in 2006 at the American Craft Council at Baltimore. Since that time I have exhibited and sold my work at galleries and museum shops nationally. In 2007 I was a featured Artist in “One and Only” at John Michael Kohler Arts Center and in 2008 I was one of the winners of Halstead Bead’s annual business grant competition. In 2010 I received a master’s in Art and Visual Culture as well as various teaching certifications, but following the pandemic I returned to my studio. In 2022 the American Craft Council re-launched their show at Baltimore, I participated and I am thrilled to say that I remain an American Craft Council endorsed artist to this day. In 2002 my hand-painted white wolf “Brigid” necklace was published in the book “Brigid’s Light”. Most recently the Museum of Beadwork just re-opened and I am overjoyed to have work in their current exhibit.

I create spirited, sculptural wearable objects that stand alone as art. My approach to art-making is to produce pieces that engage myself, the wearer and the viewer in the construction of meaning. I often take inspiration for a piece from the location from which its components were gathered. I am fascinated by the juxtaposition of the lean architectural elements I create in my studio with organic elements I personally collected in nature. The goal, and the result are unique pieces that serve to connect the artist and wearer.

My designs are shaped by my life, creative passion, and experiences as a jeweler in the world’s most diverse urban environments and as a traveler and a student in its most pristine, natural destinations. Born and bred in New York City I am drawn to concrete as a medium and
splitting my youth between Brooklyn’s beaches and the shores of Key West I am also deeply inspired by the ocean and all of her riches.