Sybil Archibald Art

Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture
Showing Art Both Days Showing Inside
Figurative, Spiritual, Expressionism

The Studio Tour SOMA is the last chance to see my art this this year! There are more than 90 artists on the tour this year, so why should you come to Warren Court first?

1. New augmented reality experiences created just for the studio tour!
2. Free raffles!
3. Four amazing artists at my place, Wendy Bellermann, Christopher Boudewyns, Jay Pingree and seven on my block Leslie Goldman, Sandra Levine-charlap, Fred Courts
4-Advanced copies of my book for sale (just a few left so get here early!)
5-Beautiful original artwork, archival giclee prints, and greeting cards for sale!
6-An interactive sculpture about grief and gratitude
7-Seeing you would make my day!

Artist Statement

Art saved my life. For 900 days straight, I made a monotype without fail never missing a day. I worked from my studio, from hotels, and even from the hospital. When this Monotype of the Day Project began, I was in a great deal of pain. I was literally wasting away on a liquid diet. By the end I was eating solid food and able to resume many activities. Work created during this period confronted my own disabled body marred by the rare autoimmune disease Scleroderma, exploring how the physical body both constrains and enables creativity. I delved the inner life of an artist, asking what is means to create and where creativity comes from all while experiencing the fundamentally healing nature of the creative process.

My artwork is coxed from silence. By listening deeply I connect with the generative creative flow that permeates all creation. My life’s work is to explore and reveal how this creative energy passes through our world transforming everything it meets. The monotype form is the perfect medium for this because allows an immediacy, the ability to translate messages, images, and feeling directly onto the plate before the judgmental mind can filter an artist’s purest impulses.