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Nymphaia Custom Jewelry
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In 2019, after taking a hiatus from my textile manufacturing career to raise a family, I decided that it was time to see where my current artistic interests would take me. After developing a fascination with the delicate metalwork of antique jewelry, particularly the attention to detail in the Edwardian era and the soft swirls of hard metals of the Art Nouveau period, I discovered the intriguing art of wire weaving and wrapping. It had both the attention to detail and organic swirls that I fell in love with previously but in one contrasting piece.

By 2021, I opened my Etsy store named Nymphaia, that is currently a 5-star reviewed shop. Nymphaia is Greek for the waterlilies that are found in lakes, which is one of the most peaceful and inspiring places to me. A quiet place to enjoy what nature has provided. This is why, when looking at my work, you will see more focus on smooth stones instead of faceted ones.