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Luis Alves Collage
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I am a New Jersey based artist with a primary interest in collage. I was born in Portugal but have lived in the New York area most of my life including attending Pratt Institute where I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. My art is characterized by pop culture and advertising influences as well as vibrant colors and bold compositions.
I have been passionate about creating collages since my youth, each work is a hand manipulated hybrid utilizing appropriated imagery from magazines to incite an equally compelling and perverse dialogue. Media exerts a powerful influence through a continuous and evolving process of reflection and creation. My work uses juxtaposed images to comment on the deep and delicate role the media plays in the shaping of our lives, identity and consciousness with the goal of transformation as a way of commenting or satirizing the source material.
I have exhibited within the last two decades in a steady stream of group and solo exhibitions along with creating special commissions for private clients. Kindly follow and/or friend request “Luis Alves Collage” on Facebook and/or Instagram for art related updates.