Kirsten Angel

Mixed Media-2D, Painting-Oil, Painting-Watercolor
Showing Art Sunday
Still Life, Portraiture, Figurative

Kirsten Angel is a figurative multimedia painter currently exploring the female relationships in her life. She is drawn to women who embody wisdom and strength, who seek continued growth, and have empathy for others. Her paintings aim to capture their spirit and energy while also memorializing them as statues in meaningful places or among representative symbols. Her experience traveling and teaching art history has led to an interest in figurative sculpture. These gestural statues are often used in her work as a narrative device to tell personal stories about love and romance. No matter what culture they are from, the emotions they inspire cut across time and place and her paintings aim to do the same. She also takes commissions and is truly inspired by the personal narratives and relationships of others as much as she is her own.

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