Julia Maloof Verderosa

Photography/Digital Imaging
Showing Art Both Days Showing Inside

This will be Portrait Photographer Julia’s 5th year exhibiting her Pet Portraiture at the wonderful Pet Wants SOMA. www.petwantssouthorange.com

This year, Julia’s show is an exhibition in two parts:

In one set of windows of Pet Wants, she’ll be continuing her “Light & Dark” series with new offerings exploring the idea of black and white.

In the other set of windows, she’ll be showing a brand new series, “Party Animals”: colorful portraits of pets in a more festive vein.

Both collections are celebrations of the unique personalities of pets as beautiful individuals,and the joy they effortlessly bring us by simply being themselves.

As always, 10% percent of all sales go to local animal welfare organizations.

Save the Date for our annual Holiday Pet Portrait Pop Up at Pet Wants! Sundays November 19, and December 3rd. Maybe next year your pet will be featured in the show.

More work & bio: www.juliamaloofverderosa.com
follow Julia: @juliamaloofverderosaphoto

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