Helena Chywski

Mixed Media-3D, Painting-Acrylic, Painting-Alcohol Ink
Showing Art Both Days Showing Inside
Abstract, Representational, Expressionism
Helena Chywski
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Greetings! I am Helena Chywski, an artist whose creative journey is interwoven with the enchanting world of synesthesia. Step into my realm of artistry, where I craft paintings that transcend the boundaries of sight, sound, and emotion, offering an immersive voyage into the realm of senses. As a synesthesia artist, I have the ability to perceive music in a kaleidoscope of shapes and patterns that dance before my eyes. My artistic expression is a symphony of the senses, a harmonious marriage of sound and sight that unveils itself on the canvas. My work is not merely a representation of melodies, but a manifestation of the intricate patterns and symbols that enfold my perception of music. Behind every painting lies a profound connection to my personal history. I draw inspiration from the memory of my father, a kindred spirit who navigated life’s canvas as an artist himself. Our shared love for creativity and the cherished memories of our shared childhood adventures infuse my work with a deeply sentimental aura. Through my art, I honor his legacy while forging my own path in the realm of artistic exploration. Welcome to my world!