Doris Cacoilo

Ceramics, Jewelry, Sculpture-Ceramic
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Figurative, Abstract, Political/Social

Doris Caçoilo is an artist, activist, curator and educator. Caçoilo earned an MFA in Integrated Media Arts from Hunter College and is currently an art history and media arts lecturer at Rutgers University and New Jersey City University. She teaches courses in art activism, art history and feminism, self portraiture and selfie culture, media arts and studio research. She is co-founding director and chief curator of the arts organization, _gaia, founded in 2002. Cacoilo’s work emerges from an interest in systems: systems of creative practice and activism, systems of collaboration, and systems of power. Her studio practice includes interactive sculpture, ceramics, community based performance, digital installations, printmaking and fiber arts. In her ceramic and fiber based sculpture, she explore themes of craft, popular media images, toys, childhood and play to engage in the larger politics of feminism, motherhood, education and pop-culture.

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