Debra Bernath

Drawing, Jewelry
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Still Life, Abstract, Representational
Debra Bernath
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My name is Debra Bernath. I create lots of botanical and nature inspired art. My name Debra means “bee” in Hebrew and in Sanskrit I was told the sound of my name implied the hum of the bee. I like that because I do hum and hover over my subjects. Through walks in the woods and travels to natural environments, I am inspired not only by the twists and twirls of vines, wild flowers, abundant fungi, aquatic remnants and many animals, but also the leftover remains of lives lived. Seashells, bones, fallen leaves, and wilting flowers, are some of the many memorials to life that inspire my imagination. I photograph what strikes me which often are stand alone images, but more often aid my paintings with perspective and memory triggers. I worked in the fashion world for many years designing textiles where I created textures, layers and repeats often inspired by nature. I live creatively in my life from arranging my space with my view of beauty; to creating jewelry of found remnant shells and stones; to creating stamp art designs; to creating a design to paint on an Ikea rug for my floor; to what may inspire me.