Alexis Caruso

Drawing, Illustration, Mixed Media-2D
Showing Art Both Days Showing Inside Showing Outside
Abstract, Representational, Expressionism
Alexis Caruso
Showing Art at

This year, local artist Alexis Caruso will be displaying her recent works at lifestyle shop MEUS, a Maplewood Village favorite. Alexis is a recent graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design where she received a BFA in Textiles. She is a fearless creator with a signature abstract style that is bright, colorful, daring, and speaks to viewers on a deep level. Alexis has spent the past several years since graduating during COVID living in her hometown of Maplewood, making the most of the rich creative community here. She has worked on creative projects such as the MEUS “Harvest Party”, the yearlong collaboration “Pink Bird Studio”, and has recently joined the “Artful Dodgers”, a collective of local artists aiming to support each other in their endeavors. She would describe herself as a multidisciplinary artist, and hopes to bring her love of text-based art into illustrated books and artist zines in the future.

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